Manarola cinque terre


You can’t say you’ve been to the Cinque Terre if you don’t take a selfie at the Nessun Dorma in Manarola. A phrase that has become a real “must” among young people from all over the world and which demonstrates how the village of Manarola, the second of the Cinque Terre in the direction of Genoa, has now become one of the most photographed destinations internationally.

Every day dozens of photographers, amateurs and professionals, try their hand at shooting the multicolored houses perched on the cliff, a scenario that can be observed from the large belvedere terrace that houses one of the trendiest clubs of the moment, the aforementioned No Dorma, famous for its multicolored cutting boards, the loud operatic music and, above all, for its view of the village and the cliff. So suggestive and romantic that it becomes the venue for marriage proposals, complete with a ring and a kneeling suitor, for Italian and foreign couples.

Manarola is also the terminal part of the Via dell’Amore, the famous path overlooking the sea that connects it to the village of Riomaggiore, currently closed due to a landslide, apart from the first 200 meters from the station, and the subject of restoration works. Another peculiarity of the town is its luminous Nativity scene, a real artistic installation that can be admired on the terraced hill in front of the village during the months of December and January, and which in 2007 entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest bright nativity scene of the world.

Manarola offers its visitors numerous proposals of good quality catering: we point out, among others, the Cappun Magro, a small gourmet place to taste zero km products and equipped with a captivating selection of wines from the terraces overlooking the town, suitable to demanding and quality-conscious visitors; the Queen of Manarola, a recently opened restaurant that offers local and fusion cuisine. The country also offers numerous hotel accommodations, for all budgets and tastes, from the hostel to the charming bed and breakfast. Manarola is easily accessible by rail and by the Cinque Terre Ferries maritime service.