conditions of sale

1. GENERAL CONDITIONS: These conditions indicate the rules to be applied for the transport of passengers and their effects on the units managed by Cinque Terre Ferries S.r.l. These rules are to be understood as fully accepted by the passenger at the time of purchase of the ticket which expressly refers to it. The contract relates to transport as governed by articles 396 and following of the navigation code. The indication of the ship that will perform the transport is merely indicative as it can be replaced with another ship. The carrier is not responsible for damage due to delay or failure or incorrect execution of the transport if the event derives from unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure, adverse weather and sea conditions, strikes and technical failures constituting force majeure or other causes not attributable to it. In the event of events that may compromise the safety of the ship and / or passengers, the Captain of the ship has the right to change the itinerary. For anything not provided for by these conditions regarding the liability regime in relation to the transport of passengers, express reference is made to the current regulations of the Navigation Code. Until disembarkation, passengers are responsible for their baggage and its contents. The crossing times are indicative and calculated on the basis of the distance between the ports, in favorable weather and sea conditions. The Company cannot be held responsible for delays due to port operations

2. TICKETS: Necessary condition to travel on the units managed by Cinque Terre Ferries S.r.l. is that the passenger is in possession of a regular travel document (ticket) that can be purchased online or at all authorized sales points. The ticket constitutes a transport contract and must be kept for the entire duration of the journey. If the ticket indicates the passenger's name as required for particular routes or even if, in the absence of such indication, it cannot be sold without the express consent of the carrier. The Resident ticket is strictly personal and considered valid only if presented at the time of boarding attached to an identification document to all on-board personnel. The presentation of the travel document gives the right to board and transport to the destination of arrival; However, in the event that, at the unquestionable judgment of the Captain, the Shipping Company or the competent Authorities, there are security reasons such as to prevent boarding, the passenger will be denied consent. The ticket is valid only for the single journey and date indicated on it. Tickets not used by that date will lose their validity without the right to refund 

3. LOST OR STOLEN TICKETS: In case of theft, loss or misplacement of the ticket, the passenger is required to report it to the P.S. and promptly notify the Company. The passenger must deliver to the Company's Office or Agency a copy of the complaint submitted to the competent authority and pay the price of a new ticket. If the lost / stolen ticket is not used within six months of the departure date indicated on it, the Company will refund the price originally paid by the passenger. 

4. PASSENGERS WITHOUT OR NOT HAVING THE RIGHT TO THE TRAVEL TICKET: Anyone who for any reason embarked without a ticket must promptly notify the on-board staff so that the ticket can be issued with a surcharge of € 10.00. The commander of the unit will in any case be informed. Failure to immediately notify the lack of the ticket, upon boarding, entails the administrative penalty due for the lack of the same. The Company reserves the right to take all the measures provided for by the Laws and Government Acts in force against the passenger who makes use of its services on more favorable conditions and without being able to prove that they are entitled to them. 

5. PRESENTATION AT BOARDING: Passengers are required to arrive for boarding at least 15 'before the departure time: failure to comply with the established times determines the possibility for the Company to prevent access on board the user if they are minus the safety conditions guaranteed by the times themselves; must be duly equipped with a travel document and for reservations purchased in advance he must check-in at the ticket office on board the ship.

6. LUGGAGE: Each passenger can carry on board a single piece of luggage with a maximum size of 40 x 30 x 15 (cm) and a weight not exceeding 5 Kg. For additional luggage and for excess luggage in size and / or weight. those listed above will be applied special rates whose amounts are determined according to the size and weight of excess baggage. The user is obliged to check and examine the weight and size limit of the baggage and to obtain the relevant ticket. Such baggage will be duly registered with a special mark applied to the baggage with corresponding evidence to be delivered to the passenger at the time of ticketing. In the case of baggage without a special purchase ticket valid for boarding and the relative mark, an increase of € 10 will be applied for each baggage. The Shipowning Company or the on-board Command may at their discretion refuse the embarkation of baggage whose bulk or weight constitute an impediment to good navigation. Any claim involving damage or loss of baggage attributable to the carrier will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of Articles 412, 413 and 414 of the Navigation Code, Chapter III, Section I. (reimbursement up to a maximum limit of € 6.2 per kilogram of baggage). Complaints regarding loss or damage to baggage must be made at the time of disembarkation and must be accompanied by evidence relating to its declaration made upon boarding, as received when the ticket was issued. Complaints regarding loss or damage to baggage will not be accepted unless accompanied by proof and advanced prior to disembarkation in contradiction with the Company's staff.

7. PETS: The boarding of pets is allowed on the Company's units under the following conditions: - for each passenger only one animal is allowed to board; - the animal must be defined as "domestic" in the sense used by common sense; they are therefore intended as domestic animals such as dogs, cats, cage birds and the like; - the animal must be small or medium in size; for particularly large animals, boarding may be denied or accepted provided that the transport takes place under special conditions that do not cause annoyance or damage to passengers; - dogs must be equipped with a leash and muzzle; - the presence of the animal must be reported in advance when purchasing the ticket

8. DELAYED DEPARTURE - INTERRUPTION OF TRAVEL - DELAY OF ARRIVAL TIME: The cancellation, delayed departure and interruption of the journey are governed respectively by articles 403, 404 and 405 of the navigation code. The arrival times, where foreseen, are to be understood as indicative and may undergo variations as a result of weather and sea conditions, port traffic, limitations imposed by the competent authorities or other bodies not attributable to the Company.

9. PROHIBITION OF THE SHIP - CANCELLATION OF DEPARTURE - CHANGE OF ITINERARY: In the event that the departure is canceled on the initiative of the Shipowning Company but for reasons not attributable to the latter, the passenger is due to return the ticket price as already paid . In the event that the cancellation of the departure is determined by justified reasons attributable to the shipping company itself and in which the trip cannot be carried out with other units made available to the passenger by the company itself or if the passenger does not agree to make the trip with departures after the scheduled one, the ticket price will be refunded to the latter.

In the event of impossibility of disembarking in one of the ports provided for in the itinerary, due to force majeure, the passenger may disembark at one of the subsequent stopovers, without the right to any refund of the ticket.

10. REFUNDS: Once concluded, the contract cannot be terminated by the contracting parties. The Company, however, notwithstanding art. 400 cod. nav., grants passengers who do not intend to or can no longer leave the right to obtain a refund of part of the passage price under the following penalty conditions: - For tickets canceled up to 10 days before departure, the refund will be 70%; - For tickets canceled up to 2 days before departure, the refund will be 50%; - For tickets canceled within 48 hours before departure there is no refund; - Tickets issued with special rates are non-refundable and non-changeable. The communication of the waiver by the passenger must be notified, in writing, to the email address: or by sms message to no. 3756820456 Refunds will be made by bank transfer within 30 days from the date of the request, net of bank charges. Cinque Terre Ferries S.r.l. grants passengers the right to change the date and / or time after checking the availability of seats upon payment by the passenger of a right to change as a service or the same penalties applied for cancellations. In the event that as a result of the changes there is a difference in price between the original ticket and the one given in replacement, the passenger, as the case may be, will have the right to obtain or the obligation to pay this difference.

11. NO DEPARTURE DUE TO THE PASSENGER: (no show) In case of missed departure due to unavailability or delay of the passenger, no refund of the ticket is due if already purchased.

12. SPECIAL RATES: All special and / or promotional rates are available while seats last and are automatically proposed by the various booking systems. The special rates, unless otherwise provided, cannot be combined with other promotional rates. These rates are non-modifiable and refundable.

13. TRANSPORT OF DANGEROUS OBJECTS: The transport of dangerous objects is not allowed on units belonging to the Company. For some types of objects, special binding conditions may be required for their acceptance on board. In particular, the transport of weapons of any kind is prohibited except for those in personal equipment to the Armed Forces and the Police, the transport of blunt objects, of substances that can be cataloged in the official lists of dangerous goods, of combustible liquids, of narcotic substances, other substances whose transport or possession are considered illegal according to the laws of the State and the regulations in force. In any case, the Commander must be notified of the contents of the baggage to be carried.

14. INFORMATION ON PRIVACY LAW : In accordance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 ("Code regarding the protection of personal data"), Cinque Terre Ferries S.r.l. undertakes not to disclose the data you have provided to third parties, by recording and storing them on electronic media, protected with adequate security measures. The data will be processed by Cinque Terre Ferries S.r.l. exclusively with the necessary methods and procedures, in order to provide you with the requested services or to carry out internal statistical analyzes. The provision of data is mandatory in order to allow you to access the services offered and any refusal would make it impossible to fulfill. Pursuant to art. 7 of law 196/03 the customer has the right to request the correction, integration or cancellation of their data by contacting the n. telephone 0187-304937 or by e-mail at or by letter to the address of Cinque Terre Ferries S.r.l., Viale San Bartolomeo, 109 - 19126 La Spezia. The data controller is Cinque Terre Ferries S.r.l. in the figure of its legal representative.

15. INFORMATION ABOUT PASSENGERS: Passengers requiring assistance or treatment in emergency situations are required to notify the carrier in advance. Passengers who require boarding assistance (people with mobility difficulties) must communicate this when booking by contacting the carrier's Call Center (tel .: 0187-304937) to find out about the availability of on-board access facilities; they are also required to show up for boarding at least one hour in advance, indicating their needs to the dockside and / or on-board staff. If any personal data is acquired, these will be kept only for the time necessary for their use, as required by Legislative Decree no. 196/2003