By choosing the excursion 2 A Plunge in the Middle Ages – Portovenere and Vernazza, you can choose to
participate in an underwater adventure in the total safety of mini-submarines.
Submarines “Valentina” and “Ambra” take you to explore the seabed of the protected marine area of

Once out at sea we proceed towards the Grotta Byron or the Grotta Azzurra on the island of Palmaria.
Returning to the channel of Porto Venere we approach the island to admire the natural cliffs with many
possibilities of sightings fish, molluscs and starfish.
Thanks to the large side windows you can admire the Posidonia meadows, a protected and fundamental
plant for the ecosystem, the Pinne nobilis, giant molluscs that grow in front of the island and many other
marine species including the rare seahorses.
In case of adverse sea weather conditions, we alternatively choose the path in the middle of the mussels’
nurseries. A real underwater jungle full of marine life attracted by the abundance of shellfish.
All explained by our commanders live.
The tour ends with the return to the port of Portovenere after about 35 minutes.
Minimum 2 participants maximum 12
Price per person: € 15 adults € 10 children 4-16 years
Free for children under 4 years.